Work Gloves Premium Brand DEX FIT by MUVEEN History and Vision Story


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DEX FIT, a premium brand of work gloves, was launched in 2015, producing and providing safety gloves, supplies and activeware with the best protection and comfort. Safety accidents on the job take people's happiness and cause great losses. Attention to safety and the use of appropriate safety equipment can increase the happiness index for everyone.

DEX FIT stands for “High DEXterity and Close FIT”. Our goal is to increase the use of gloves on the job site by providing people with strong protection while providing comfortable and fitting gloves. Therefore, we are always trying to reflect the following four characteristics in our products.

-Free Movement: Soft touch & Comfort

-Work Smart: Smart Device Compatibility

-World Class Coating Technology: Power grip

-Lightweight But Strong Enough: Best Protection, New material study

Then, I will talk more about the history and vision of DEX FIT.  


MUVEEN has been conducting product technology research and production for over 10 years. In the process, we have gained world-class technology and are building a global network of partners. DEX FIT is a premium work gloves brand from MUVEEN. 1) Started work textile and yarn research in 2005 2) Production and sales of general work gloves in 2008 3) Launched 2015 premium work gloves brand DEX FIT 4) Level 5 Cut Resistant Cru 553 and 4 others released 5) Started selling to the US market through Amazon 6) Launched its own mall


DEX FIT has a vision to grow into a global leader brand through continuous customer needs research and new technology development. 1) Growing into global top 3 brand in safety goods market 2) Growing into Global Top 10 Brands in Active Sports Apparel Market

Core technology

The technologies currently held by DEX FIT are as follows. 1) The Next 3D Knitting 2) Best comfort ergonomic fit into fingers 3) World Class Thin Nitrile Coating 4) Advanced breathable foam nitrile 5) Structure Yarn Combination 6) Advanced Manufacturing Facilities 7) Clean & Water-based coating 8) Consistent High Quality Management 9) Certificates – CE, ANSI, FDA DEX FIT is committed to developing technologies and producing products to meet customer needs with clear vision and goals. The products we sell are highly appreciated by our customers for quality and comfort. In order to achieve our vision, we are continuously entering the US market, diversifying our products, developing new technologies, and researching customer needs. We look forward to your continued interest and support so that we can work harder to improve your safety and happiness.  


DEX FIT by MUVEEN is manufacturing the best quality work gloves (cut resistant gloves) with world-class technology. The state-of-the-art technology is highly rated by users and industries alike based on trust and recognition. We are manufacturing safer, more comfortable gloves through testing them in various scenes, MUVEEN also provides news and information on the care of cut-resistant gloves. You can effortlessly get informed if you subscribe to our newsletters or follow our Facebook.

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