Setting up Seattle Branch in USA Project and Online Shopping Mall Renewal Plan


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2019 is nearing its end. We planned and executed a lot of projects during the year, and the results were satisfactory. We sincerely thank our customers for being interested in the DEX FIT products and leaving valuable feedbacks. We will continue to strive to develop and deliver outstanding products.

Setting up Seattle Branch in USA Project and Online Shopping Mall Renewal Plan  

Among those we have planned, we have the single most important project left. It is establishing a branch in Seattle for expansion into the U.S. offline market and online consumer care and renewing our on-line shopping mall.

Opening and operating a branch turned out to require more labor and preparation than expected, but we progressively took step by step and finally came to fruition. Let us briefly introduce you to the process.

Our Seattle office is located at Met Park, a city hub with convenient transportation and various science and technology companies. Finishing the interior of the new office gave us the feeling of a strong start. We diligently prepared our office, placing stationeries and furniture we will use with our new crew.

This place will now serve as a place supporting our off-line sales business and marketing, as well as a design and development center which collects various needs from our customers and applies them to the new products.

As the United States presents the largest personal protection device market and working gloves market in the world, we are looking forward to creating more comfortable, protective gloves based on data collected from our connection with consumers here.

Along with the opening of the Seattle branch, we are renewing our on-line mall by early next year. We are going to add a lot of user-friendly functions and create a mall with better usability with further streamlined design, so please keep your eyes on our new on-line mall.

In 2019, we have been concentrating on developing and selling good products using the technology we have accumulated so far. Selling these products on-line allowed us to receive satisfactory feedback from a lot of consumers. Founded on our pride in our products and technology, we are planning more projects for 2020 to further approach our consumers.

We will try our best to successfully complete these projects.  

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