Six Misconceptions on Why People Don’t Put On Cut Resistant Gloves for Their Own Safety


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Using Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)s in the workplace is obligatory, not optional.
Among them, the most used are cut-resistant gloves. The hand is the most used body part at work and therefore is the most important. At the same time, it is the body part most prone to injuries. Therefore, injury of hand or fingers may cause a decrease in work hours and productivity.

Despite this, many people do not wear cut-resistant gloves.

We at DEX FIT are continuously working on analyzing why people don’t wear gloves and looking for problems. We are applying our findings to our R&D and trying our best to allow more people to wear cut-resistant gloves for their safety.
According to our analysis, more people than we thought have misinformation and misconceptions about cut-resistant gloves, leading to a lower usage rate. We have picked six common misunderstandings and put together information to help get rid of those.

1. Using gloves is uncomfortable and lowers productivity.

The reason mentioned the most by those who do not wear safety gloves was discomfort. They are worried that gloves might be uncomfortable and prevent them from doing precise work, decreasing their productivity. In the past, gloves were stiff and didn’t fit well, and many found them uncomfortable.

Also, there weren’t many size choices, causing users to take them off and on multiple times when they needed precision. Furthermore, those who sweat a lot or have sensitive hands complained of discomfort a lot.

However, in recent years several new materials were developed to deal with this problem, and various thinner, and more comfortable, materials are available now. Thanks to these, the products are now very light and comfortable, as if they were your second skin.

Looking at various surveys, you can find that wearing cut-resistant gloves leads to better work speed and productivity. Furthermore, you can find hand injuries caused by not wearing the gloves lead to a further fall in productivity due to a decrease in work time.
DEX FIT by MUVEEN also developed and applied 3D Comfortable Stretch Fit and Advanced Nitrile Coating techniques to their products to provide new materials and comfort. DEX FIT also has many different sizes to fit everyone. The Lightweight 3D Nitrile Work Gloves FN330 Black Grey model especially offers the most comfortable experience.

2. Cut-resistant gloves as well can be easily cut, and many lack sufficient protection.

Sometimes a glove does not protect you from an injury, not doing the work it was supposed to do.
However, it is not a problem with the glove but the users’ lack of knowledge about the various materials and levels of the cut-resistant gloves, using gloves unsuitable for their work. Cut-resistant gloves have protection levels. It is crucial to choose a glove of a level suitable for your work. Please refer to the link below for more information. Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Cru553 Grey from DEX FIT can prevent most cutting accidents from happening.

Visit below website for more details… [Infographic]

3. The gloves’ lifespan shortens when washed, and it is hard to take care of them. (Insufficient Durability)

While most of the cut-resistant gloves are at to range, people often misunderstand that washing the gloves will case their durability or protection to diminish.
However, the materials of the gloves released recently retain their protection and durability even when washed, allowing for a longer lifespan.

Below is the laundry guide for DEX FIT gloves, and you can keep your gloves healthy if you follow this simple guide.

4. The lack of touch functionality is cumbersome. (Lack of functionality)

As smartphone use increases, some works now require smartphone touches as well. However, many cut-resistant gloves in the market still don’t support touches. Therefore, many think that they cannot use their phones at all with gloves and do not wear gloves because taking the gloves on and off is inconvenient. However, many gloves with touch support were released recently, so we recommend that you take a look at these products if you use touchscreens at your work. DEX FIT also offers some products with touch support.

FN330 (Grey, Blackgrey) :

Cru553 (Grey, Blackgrey) :

5. Gloves are bad for health and the environment.

A layperson might think the gloves are bad for health and the environment, due to their materials and the smell of rubber. However, this is a misconception. The recent development of eco-friendly technologies made harmless and environmentally friendly materials available. DEX FIT products do not have a toxic odor as well, and they are safe for juniors and children as they use materials harmless to the human body.

6. They can be used only in some work environments. (Lack of information)

Many lack information about cut-resistant gloves even though they feel the need for them.
There is so many information on the materials, levels, and management of the gloves, and it can be hard to understand. Because of this, many people wrongly think that cut-resistant gloves can be used only in some work environments.

But it could be applicable…

– Handling sharp steel materials, knives, rotary cutter, chain mail, chain saw, iron, carpentry and ax

– Handling carpet cutter, mandoline, construction materials, stamping, micro-plane and woodworking

– Spearfishing, food processing, filleting, meat cutting, climbing, gardening and packaging

To protect people’s safety, MUVEEN acknowledges why people do not wear cut-resistant gloves through researches and is applying their findings to the development of DEX FIT products. MUVEEN especially is developing gloves that fit perfectly as if they were your second skin, thinner but stronger with high-quality materials and coming with touchscreen support and simple care, of course.

MUVEEN also provides news and information on the care of cut-resistant gloves. You can effortlessly get informed if you subscribe to our newsletters or follow our Facebook.

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