Best Selling DEX FIT Working Gloves in 2019and Planned Products for 2020 (A Roadmap)


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2019 is already nearing the end. DEX FIT went through a lot of changes and advancements during 2019 as well. Amazon sales of products currently in the market are continuously increasing, and thanks to the strong sales we are working on numerous projects, including participating in various safety equipment trade fairs (Las Vegas) and opening an office in Seattle in the second half.

In this post, we will briefly introduce you to most-selling popular products from DEX FIT and products that are to come in 2020 along with our expansion into the U.S. market.

Current products of DEX FIT can be grouped into cut-protection gloves, multifunctional gloves, and winter gloves.

Among these, CRU553, a model of Level 5 cut-protection gloves, was the most-sold product this year. HPPE and Glass Fiber, both materials used in body armors, are blended in an optimal ratio to achieve a Level 5 protection. This combined with Comfortable 3D Stretch Fit and Nitrile Coating technologies makes the gloves lighter and thinner, providing outstanding comfort. For this reason, we got a lot of positive ratings and reviews from our customers.

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